Statistics Word Cloud

Posted by Patricio Reyes on September 23, 2013

Two weeks ago, I gave my first class of Statistics II. So I decided that a nice introduction to the topics could be a word cloud with the text of the course.

As an introduction, I talked about the main ideas covered in the course using a word cloud.

The result is the following:

(Can’t you see anything? Maybe you don’t have the Silverlight plug-in needed. In this case, here you can find a non-interactive (image) version. Too small for you? Here is the full size version.)

The word cloud was made using Tagxedo, a simple web tool with a lot of nice templates (This is the simplest one…). Notice that the cloud is interactive, so you can link each word to some source (using the word as the query). In my case, each word points to wikipedia.

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